Bara no Tame ni


Yuri Makurano is an unattractive girl who learns her mother is a famous actress named Shoko Hanai following her grandmother's death. Yuri begins to live with her mother's family which consists of three children named Sumire, Aoi, and Fuyo Hanatashiki. Yuri is treated as a maid at the household, eventually bonding with the family and builds up unrequited feelings for Sumire. Later, she comes to learn the only blood relation she has to the family is Aoi, her half brother.Note: Won the Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo in 1994.

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v.15 c.60 August 4, 2018 rpapo
v.15 c.59 March 25, 2018 rpapo
v.15 c.58 December 21, 2017 rpapo
v.15 c.57 October 3, 2017 rpapo
v.14 c.56 July 21, 2017 rpapo
v.14 c.55 May 17, 2017 rpapo
v.14 c.54 March 28, 2017 rpapo
v.14 c.53 February 11, 2017 rpapo
v.13 c.52 December 22, 2016 rpapo
v.13 c.51 October 31, 2016 rpapo

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