Nanatsuya: Shinobu no Housekibako


The story is set in a pawn shop in a working-class neighborhood, Shitamachi, and it follows Shinobu and Aki, two people fascinated by sparkling jewels metaphorically "born from a distant ancient Earth."

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v.02 c.05 June 29, 2016 RhapsodyInBlue
c.05 February 28, 2016 RhapsodyInBlue
v.01 c.05 February 27, 2016 RhapsodyInBlue
v.01 c.04 February 27, 2016 RhapsodyInBlue
v.01 c.03 December 30, 2015 RhapsodyInBlue
v.01 c.02 December 2, 2015 RhapsodyInBlue
v.01 c.01 September 23, 2015 RhapsodyInBlue

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