Gegege no Kitarou


Youkai are specters who have lived in the human world since the dawn of time. They often rest peacefully in their dwelling places, until humans rouse them by inconsiderate actions. Kitaro is a young youkai boy who wants to help humans and youkai live in harmony, and he fights to protect humans from the enraged youkai who lash out at them.Note: For Kodansha's version of the series that began in 1967, the first volume is titled "Hakaba no Kitarou," but volume 2 and upwards are titled "Gegege no Kitarou."English TitlesVol. 1: KitaroVol. 2: The Birth of KitaroVol. 3: Kitaro Meets NurarihyonVol. 4: Kitaro and the Great Tanuki WarMore to come

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