Takatou Shounen no Jikenbo


The son of a genius magician, Yoichi Takato has been something of a polymath ever since high school. However, his days are marked by boredom and an inability to open his heart to others. When he happens to join the magic club, he meets with people he thinks he may one day be able to call friends. But then, the curtain rises on a terrifying "murder magic show".A spin-off story with Hajime Kindaichi’s nemesis from Kindaichi Case Files: “The hellish puppet master,” Yoichi Takato.

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c.16 April 1, 2014 Manga Box
c.15 March 25, 2014 Manga Box
c.13 March 5, 2014 Manga Box
c.12 February 19, 2014 Manga Box
c.11 February 12, 2014 Manga Box

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