Hidamari ga Kikoeru


The story starts with college student Taichi, who comes from a not-so-well-off household and is desperately searching for work. He (literally) stumbles across fellow student Kouhei while on a job hunt, and is incredibly enticed by the delicious bento Kouhei has in hand. However, something seems a bit off about Kouhei–and when Taichi consults his friends about it, he gets an answer he really wasn’t expecting: Kouhei is severely hearing impaired.Hidamari ga Kikoeru - LimitCollege student, Kouhei is hard of hearing and so he distances himself from those around him. He then meets Taiichi, a classmate who's got a bright personality and speaks his mind. "It's not your fault that you can't hear." When Taiichi speaks these words, Kouhei is suddenly saved by those words... More than friends. Less than lovers. His meeting with Taiichi will change him.In the series:V.1 - Hidamari ga KikoeruV.2 - Hidamari ga Kikoeru - Koufuku HenCurrently in serialisation - Hidamari ga Kikoeru - Limit

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v.01 c.08 March 19, 2018 Pink Cherry Blossom Scans
v.01 c.08 March 19, 2018 Pink Cherry Blossom Scans
v.01 c.07 January 12, 2018 Pink Cherry Blossom Scans
v.01 c.06 September 16, 2017 Pink Cherry Blossom Scans
v.01 c.05 July 23, 2017 Pink Cherry Blossom Scans
v.02 Extra July 15, 2016 Hoshi Kuzuu
v.02 Extra July 5, 2016 kachuya
v.02 c.06 March 14, 2016 Hoshi Kuzuu
v.02 c.05 February 12, 2016 Hoshi Kuzuu
v.02 c.04 December 19, 2015 Hoshi Kuzuu

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