Akumu Koushounin


1 - Nightmare Negotiator - Yumetsugu is a college student whose part-time job is taking people's nightmares away for a fee.2 - Little Sister - A young woman has recurring nightmares of herself killing her twin sister. Can Yumetsugu help?3 - Who is Snow White? - A modern-day Snow White. Yumetsugu investigates.4 - A Round of Ghost Stories - A girl who committed suicide by hanging herself tries to gatecrash a Hundred Ghost Stories event being held in an abandoned mansion. Will Yumetsugu save the participants from her wrath? Or...5 - Street Stall - A street seller deceives his customer.6 - Replay - A secluded mansion has put out an ad for a babysitter, and one unsuspecting girl falls prey...7 - Home Visit - A teacher tries to help out his student by talking to her abusive mother.8 - Don't Listen to a Mermaid's Song - There's a serial killer on the loose. One plucky young woman decides to catch the culprit.9 - Big Sister - A girl and her imaginary onee-chan.10 - Indian Magic Trick - A girl watches two Indian street magicians put on an amazing performance.11 - Reset - The adventures of a "civil servant" in a world that's more-than-slightly off-kilter.

Latest Releases

v.01 c.11 January 10, 2016 Habanero Scans, Royal Translations
v.01 c.09 December 24, 2015 Royal Translations
Oneshot April 4, 2015 MOY Moe
v.01 c.08 April 1, 2015 MOY Moe
v.01 c.07 March 29, 2015 MOY Moe
v.01 c.06 March 29, 2015 MOY Moe
v.01 c.04 March 15, 2015 MOY Moe
v.01 c.03 March 15, 2015 MOY Moe
v.01 c.03 March 15, 2015 MOY Moe
v.01 c.02 December 16, 2014 MOY Moe

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