Kyoukai no Nai Sekai


What if the person you liked was the same gender? A beautiful girl suddenly appeared in front of the main character, Yuji! But what's her real identity...!? A new generation love comedy that questions “true love” in between tales of laughter and sadness.

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v.02 c.16 August 29, 2017 albedo
v.02 c.15.5 January 12, 2017 albedo
v.02 c.15 January 7, 2017 albedo
v.02 c.14 September 6, 2016 albedo
c.15 June 3, 2016 albedo
c.14 March 7, 2015 Manga Box
c.13 February 21, 2015 Manga Box
c.12 February 7, 2015 Manga Box
c.11 January 24, 2015 Manga Box
c.10 January 10, 2015 Manga Box

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