Holiday Love - Fuufukan Renai


Can a relationship survive after an affair? Azu is 30-year-old stay at home mom and she runs a nail salon in her apartment. While carrying the frustration of thinking that her husband Junpei (32) doesn't love her as a woman anymore, she raises the child they were blessed with and continues through the motions of everyday life. One day, while Azu is running her salon, a customer asks to borrow her cellphone, and shows her something dangerously entrancing. A few days afterward, she receives a notification from an unknown man, sending Junpei and Azu's relationship into the deep-end. From Yukari Koyama of the TV drama "Rose-Colored Crusade" comes a challenging original work. You are invited to the story of 4 married people that could take place anywhere, filled with temptation, betrayal and broken hearts.

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