Nomi Joshi


It features three friends, all women aged 29, who get together and socialize regularly and indulge in their common passion: drinking. Michiko Takase, the office lady heroine, prefers beer; Misono Miyauchi, a short-haired, muscular book store worker, likes sake; and Yuki Shinonome, the feminine housewife, drinks everything. The manga follows them as they visit hot springs, beer gardens, bars and more to sample different drinks, pair them with delicious side dishes, and chat about work, their family, how to keep warm while wearing skirts, etc.

Latest Releases

v.02 c.20 July 19, 2018 Mugen Shoujo
v.03 c.28 June 24, 2018 Mugen Shoujo
v.03 c.27 May 12, 2018 Mugen Shoujo
v.02 c.19 January 3, 2017 SAZ
v.02 c.18 September 24, 2016 SAZ
v.02 c.17 August 21, 2016 SAZ
v.02 c.16 August 14, 2016 SAZ
v.02 c.15 April 23, 2016 SAZ
v.02 c.14 April 11, 2016 SAZ
c.13 February 16, 2016 SAZ

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