Aoyama Tsukiko Desu!


Aoyoma Tsukiko has always been misunderstood due to her expressionless face. Having to repeat first year of high school again due to her usual bad luck, she strives to have a happy and cheerful high school life. Then meets her classmate who is a deliberate loner. However, due to her nature, she aims to befriend him, much to his annoyance. Can a friendship grow between a poker face, cheerful girl and the loner? Can she break through his walls?

Latest Releases

v.01 c.03 August 11, 2018 Kakuriyo Scans, Mugen Shoujo
v.01 c.02 July 12, 2018 Kakuriyo Scans
c.00b July 11, 2015 paper dolls project
c.00a March 6, 2015 MidnightMoon Scans, paper dolls project

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