Bravely Default - Flying Fairy


From MangaHelpers:This is a comic version of the 3DS game Bravely Default. The story starts with Tiz Arrior, whose village is swallowed up by a huge chasm. After he awakes to find he is the only survivor, he soon meets Agnes and Airy, a wind vestal and her fairy companion, who he joins on their quest to wake the crystals out of corruption.

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c.20c January 28, 2017 dokidokimaster
c.19b November 18, 2016 dokidokimaster
c.03a January 9, 2016 Träumerei Scans
c.02a October 19, 2015 Träumerei Scans
c.01c September 6, 2015 Träumerei Scans
c.01b July 30, 2015 Träumerei Scans
c.01 April 14, 2015 Glorious Scanlations, Träumerei Scans

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