Shokugeki no Soma - Etoile


The story is canon to the original storyline and features Kojirō Shinomiya as the main protagonist. The series focuses on both his life after he graduated from Tōtsuki Culinary Academy and the events after the Training Camp arc with Megumi and Souma.

Latest Releases

v.02 c.07 July 3, 2016 Habanero Scans
c.06 September 26, 2015 Casanova
c.05 July 7, 2015 Casanova
c.04 June 22, 2015 Casanova
c.03 May 18, 2015 Casanova
c.02 April 19, 2015 Casanova
c.01 March 3, 2015 Casanova

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