Aruite Ippo!!


From MangaHelpers:High-schooler Saionji has moved into a boarding house with a really cute young landlord named Sakura, who also attends his school. Though it's really near the school, the place is pretty broken-down and all the other tenants are strange women. They include little Hana, who wears costumes in public, a sloppy, lazy teacher, and his slightly uncivilized schoolmate Akira. Living in the boarding house does not help Saionji's reputation at school, but he has a huge crush on the landlord. Will he be able to handle living with all these bizarre women, and somehow win Sakura's heart?

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v.02 c.14 August 17, 2018 Death Toll
v.02 c.13 August 16, 2018 Death Toll
v.02 c.12 August 14, 2018 Death Toll
v.02 c.11 July 31, 2018 Death Toll
v.02 c.10 July 13, 2018 Death Toll
v.02 c.09 June 24, 2018 Death Toll
v.02 c.08 June 14, 2018 Death Toll
v.01 c.07 May 24, 2018 Death Toll
v.01 c.06 May 21, 2018 Death Toll
v.01 c.05 May 21, 2018 Death Toll

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