Wonder Rabbit Girl


Nanami Rei has always lived his life in his brother's shadow. He can't talk to girls, he's not athletic, and his grades aren't good. On the contrary, his brother Ren is smart and popular, but he has never judged Rei for his faults or lifestyle.One day, Ren goes into shock and mentions to Rei the name, "Wonder Rabbit Girl". Rei, seeking to find this mysterious figure, attends Ren's school, disguised as Ren himself.Rei comes into possession of his brother's USB drive, which contains a list of the school's girls and their fetishes. Rei believes that one of these girls must be the Wonder Rabbit Girl.

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v.02 c.04 May 21, 2016 Kirei Cake
c.03 December 25, 2015 Underdog Scans
c.02 October 2, 2015 Underdog Scans
c.01 June 15, 2015 /a/nonymous, 4chan

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