Seshiji o Pin! to - Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso


Masaharu Tsuchiya is as dorky as they get and is determined to make high school different from middle school. But can he keep his inherent awkwardness from ruining his first day? Furthermore, what club will he join? Surely not something like... dance club?Note: Won the DaVinchi x NicoNico Tsugi 2016 Manga Awards.

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c.84 June 17, 2017 /a/nonymous
c.83 April 5, 2017 /a/nonymous
c.82 March 7, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.09 c.80.5 February 26, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.08 c.71.5 February 26, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.07 c.62.5 February 25, 2017 /a/nonymous
v.06 c.53.5 February 25, 2017 /a/nonymous
c.81 February 10, 2017 /a/nonymous
c.80 February 6, 2017 /a/nonymous
c.79 February 6, 2017 /a/nonymous

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