Kine-san no 1-ri de Cinema



Kine Machiko is a thirty-something office worker, who loves nothing more than watching movies and writing her review blog. She hides her passion for movies from her co-workers due to unpleasant past experiences, but she still wants friends with whom she can share her love of movies. What will be the next movie she watches? What dark, geeky secret will haunt her next? Will she ever make any movie friends?

Latest Releases

v.02 c.09 July 23, 2017 Scored Manga
v.02 c.08 July 17, 2017 Scored Manga
v.02 c.07 July 12, 2017 Scored Manga
c.6.5 June 16, 2017 Scored Manga
c.06 June 14, 2017 Helvetica Scans, Scored Manga
c.05 May 25, 2017 Scored Manga
c.04 May 24, 2017 Scored Manga
c.03 January 6, 2017 Ronin
c.02 January 6, 2017 Ronin
c.01 January 6, 2017 Ronin

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