Magic, Mechanics, Shuraba (Novel)


Sis: “WHAT? Why does the magic academy have such a weird major like Mechanical Engineering?”Bro: “Uhhhh….. But there is, and I even got accepted into it.”Sis: “But it’s still weird!”Bro: “Aiya, lets not care about such details.”The two siblings had been accepted into the top magic school, the Augustus Academy. An adventure filled with dreams and a journey like that of the Shuraba will soon follow…Original Chinese Web Novel

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v.02 c.21 February 13, 2017 alyschu
v.02 c.20 February 6, 2017 alyschu
v.02 c.19 January 23, 2017 alyschu
v.02 c.18.5 July 19, 2016 alyschu
v.02 c.18 June 29, 2016 alyschu
v.02 c.17 June 2, 2016 alyschu
v.02 c.16 April 29, 2016 alyschu
v.02 c.15 March 13, 2016 alyschu
v.02 Interval 5 March 13, 2016 alyschu
v.02 c.14 March 5, 2016 alyschu

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