Beyblade Burst


Valt Aoi is a cheerful boy in the 5th Grade. Crazy about Beyblade, he works hard to better himself at Beyblade with the partner Bey, Valtryek.Valt's close friend Shu Kurenai, who is regarded as a Beyblade genius, is a participant in the National Tournament and is called one of the "Four Kings" due to his high influence within the tournament. Valt, who is inspired by Shu, sets his aim towards the National Tournament!

Latest Releases

v.03 c.11 April 23, 2017 Golden Roze
v.03 c.10 April 23, 2017 Golden Roze
v.02 c.09 December 25, 2016 Golden Roze
v.02 c.08 December 19, 2016 Golden Roze
v.02 c.07 November 26, 2016 Golden Roze
v.02 c.06 November 26, 2016 Golden Roze
v.02 c.05 October 30, 2016 Golden Roze
c.04 May 20, 2016 Golden Roze
c.03 May 11, 2016 Golden Roze
c.02 November 6, 2015 Golden Roze

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