Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake!


Shindo Manabu is a student in a very prestigious high school who's goal is to get into Tokyo University. He studies constantly and tries to never lose sight of that goal. That is until his childhood friend, Amano Megumi, who goes to the same school starts to distract him. He only saw her as the tom-boy she was as a kid until they meet up again when she has become "more developed." As these two get closer to each other Manabu gets more and more distracted from his goal of getting into Tokyo U, so hilarity ensues.

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c.127 July 11, 2018 /a/nonymous
c.109.5 July 3, 2018 /a/nonymous
c.126 June 29, 2018 /a/nonymous
c.125 June 16, 2018 /a/nonymous
c.124 June 1, 2018 /a/nonymous
c.123 May 25, 2018 /a/nonymous
c.122 May 20, 2018 /a/nonymous
v.12 c.121 May 13, 2018 /a/nonymous
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v.12 c.119 May 2, 2018 /a/nonymous

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