Shin Gumiho


Shin Gumiho (Shin meaning "new" and Gumiho meaning "old fox") begins with its origins based on Korean folklore. The 9-tailed demon fox, Gumiho, wishes to change into a human in order to keep her promise to the one she loved. However, right before she turns into a human, a vengeful demon-purger arrives and seals her into a sword. Now, in present day Korea, a young boy has found the sword and its contents. Gumiho is reawakened, but what will she do now?

Latest Releases

c.01 March 23, 2016 Sura's Place
v.06 c.23 April 12, 2015 Nerieru-Scans
v.02 c.09 October 3, 2010 Nerieru-Scans
v.02 c.08 July 18, 2010 Nerieru-Scans
v.02 c.07 July 4, 2010 Nerieru-Scans
v.02 c.06 June 20, 2010 Nerieru-Scans
v.01 c.05 June 6, 2010 Nerieru-Scans
v.01 c.04 May 2, 2010 Nerieru-Scans
v.01 c.03 April 18, 2010 Nerieru-Scans
v.01 c.02 April 4, 2010 Nerieru-Scans

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