Shoujo Shounen Gakkyuudan


Haruka Nakatani, a boyish girl, transfers into an elementary school where her new class is strictly divided into two groups: girls and boys. But because of this unusual girl, who loves to play baseball, the class atmosphere is about to go through a change as well as Haruka herself...

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v.02 c.06 January 8, 2018 Muses Scans
v.02 c.05 December 27, 2017 Muses Scans
v.01 c.04 December 3, 2017 Matteiru Scans
v.01 c.03 August 25, 2014 Matteiru Scans
v.01 c.02 January 19, 2014 Matteiru Scans
v.01 c.01 November 21, 2013 Matteiru Scans

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