Shirube no Michi


Note that the oneshots ran in different magazines which are categorized as josei, seinen, and shoujo. The majority of them ran in josei magazines.Chapter 1 (Shirube no Michi) --Mao's life is far from normal; she attracts spirits and constantly has to keep her father from losing his soul! One day, she meets a man who claims to be a ‘guide’ for lost souls seeking rest and explains that he has come for her father!?Chapter 2 (Illusion Orangery) --Mao is still working for the mysterious spirit guide, but on the day he warns her to "beware of the invitation", the smell of citrus fruits lingering in the air accompanies our young psychic on an odd game of hide-and-seek in a haunted house.Chapter 3 (Heaven's Fairy) --Shinobu’s plans for the summer are ruined when her mother sends her off to her grandparents' countryside home. Bored and friendless, she prepares herself for a long, dreary holiday -- but soon discovers that she has something in common with her grandfather -- something quite magical...literally!Chapter 4-6 not scanlated.

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c.06 March 11, 2017 Lovely Strange Dark
c.04 February 19, 2017 Lovely Strange Dark
c.05 February 11, 2017 Lovely Strange Dark
v.01 Heaven’s Fairy August 1, 2011 Weekend Betsuender
v.01 c.02 June 9, 2011 Weekend Betsuender
v.01 c.01 December 25, 2010 Forte Atrox

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