Kaji Ryuusuke no Gi


Kaji Ryusuke is a second son of a great politician. However, his father and brother both pass away from a car accident. Now, those who supported Ryusuke's father want Ryusuke to carry on the family business as a politician.At first, Ryusuke tries to get out of the responsibility, but he eventually enters an election to become a politician.This manga will view Japanese politics from Kaji Ryusuke's viewpoint.

Latest Releases

v.02 c.05 January 7, 2010 Sura's Place
v.02 c.04 September 3, 2009 Sura's Place
v.02 c.04 June 29, 2009 Sura's Place
v.02 c.03 February 4, 2009 Sura's Place
v.02 c.02 January 17, 2009 Sura's Place
v.02 c.01 January 1, 2009 Sura's Place
v.01 c.13 December 12, 2008 Sura's Place
v.01 c.12 November 23, 2008 Sura's Place
v.01 c.11 November 14, 2008 Sura's Place
v.01 c.10 November 7, 2008 Sura's Place

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