Great Mazinger


Great Mazinger starts after the defeat of Mazinger Z. Tetsuya Tsurugi is the new protagonist, piloting the powerful Great Mazinger, a creation of the once thought dead Kenzo Kabuto, the father of Koji Kabuto. This time the enemy is the Mycene Empire and its powerful robots.

Latest Releases

v.02 c.09 June 11, 2016 zgames
v.02 c.08 June 9, 2016 zgames
v.02 c.07b June 4, 2016 zgames
v.02 c.07a May 31, 2016 zgames
v.02 c.06 May 7, 2016 zgames
v.01 July 29, 2011 Dynamic Pro Scanlations

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