From CMX:Self-styled Kogal queen Kotobuki Ran and her friends just wanna have fun, which includes shopping, hanging out, and scamming meals off gullible guys. Unfortunately, their "hood"—Shibuya—is in constant danger of being despoiled by dirty old men, street gangs, nasty Kogal rivals, and other societal evils. But with a little help from her friends and a toughness born of coming from a family full of cops, Ran takes on the bad guys (and gals) with gusto!

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v.06 December 24, 2007 Keizoku Scans
v.03 December 22, 2007 Keizoku Scans
v.02 c.05 November 11, 2003 MangaProject
v.03 c.10 October 21, 2003 MangaProject
v.03 c.09 May 28, 2003 MangaProject
v.02 Extra April 18, 2003 MangaProject
v.02 c.08 March 2, 2003 MangaProject
v.01 c.02 March 1, 2003 Manga Coalition
v.02 c.07 February 13, 2003 MangaProject
v.01 c.01 February 12, 2003 Manga Coalition

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