Full Metal Panic!


From ADV:Trouble always seems to follow the beautiful and sassy, Kaname Chidori. Though she is only a high-school student, Kaname is constantly the target of terrorism. Lucky for her though, the dreamy Sosuke, an undercover agent from Mithril, is one step behind her, ready to protect her at any cost. But will he be able to save her from harm every time she is in trouble?

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v.05 c.29 May 2, 2008 Illuminati-Manga
v.05 c.28 January 12, 2008 Illuminati-Manga
v.05 c.27 December 25, 2007 Illuminati-Manga
v.08 December 25, 2007 BYAAAH
v.06 December 25, 2007 BYAAAH
v.03 September 12, 2007 BYAAAH
v.04 c.26 September 11, 2007 Illuminati-Manga
v.04 c.25 September 11, 2007 Illuminati-Manga
v.04 c.24 August 13, 2007 Illuminati-Manga
v.04 c.23 August 12, 2007 Illuminati-Manga

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