Touch Me Again


A collection of oneshots:1) Touch Me AgainSeven years ago, Touda and Oshikiri crossed the friendship line once. Right after that incident however, they chose to pretend nothing had happened just so they could go on being best friends. But life is never so simple and seven years later, they begin to see the strains in their relationship show.2) Iki wo Tomete,3) Heavy Sugar no Iyagarase4) Candied Lemon Peel5) nuotatore nel cantero!6) Stars Spica SpectreKiji is paid a visit by the ghost of his dead friend, Osaka. Although Kiji sees Osaka, it is only an afterimage of his friend, as Osaka's spirit is actually in Spica, a star that is 260 light years away from Earth. As a result, everything Osaka says goes through a time lapse and Kiji only hears him after the afterimage disappears. This is a sad, poignant story about two men who never found it in themselves to confess to each other until it was too late.7) Ushi Meshi8) touch IT again, again, again & again9) I cannot breathe without U10) lemon crush, bitter & sour11) Spica no Su wa Sushouyu no Su

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