Maou Dante: Kamima Taisenhen

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This series is a complete remake of the original Mao Dante, with new designs an a story slightly inspired by the anime of 2002. This time, the timespan of the story i longer, the character design is different, and all unanswered questions left when the original series was interrupted, are answered. This time, Mao Dante has a proper ending.The story is divided in four parts: Kami Ryaku Hen, Gen Ma Hen, Mado Hen, and Kami Ma Taisen Hen.

Latest Releases

v.03 c.19 February 7, 2018 HappyScans!
v.03 c.18 January 6, 2018 HappyScans!
v.03 c.17 December 23, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.16 December 13, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.15 November 21, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.14 November 12, 2017 HappyScans!
v.03 c.13 November 3, 2017 HappyScans!
v.02 c.12 September 8, 2017 HappyScans!
v.02 c.11 August 24, 2017 HappyScans!
v.02 c.10 August 12, 2017 HappyScans!

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