It's Two People


Ordinary high school girl Ji Na discovers that she is heir to a terrible legacy handed down from her family's sinister history. Long ago, her ancestors killed a magical serpent known as an Imugi, believing that it would bring them good luck. Unfortunately, the creature cursed them as it died, decreeing that one family member of each generation for that day forth will be killed by two people closely acquainted with that person. One of Ji Na's relatives has been murdered without fail in every generation, and now, Ji Na has been informed that she will be next to die.English Web Publication

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v.01 Side Story 2 February 25, 2005 Sura's Place
v.01 Side Story1 February 25, 2005 Sura's Place
v.04 c.07 February 24, 2005 Sura's Place
v.04 c.06 February 22, 2005 Sura's Place
v.04 c.05 February 22, 2005 Sura's Place
v.04 c.04 February 21, 2005 Sura's Place
v.04 c.03 February 20, 2005 Sura's Place
v.04 c.02 February 19, 2005 Sura's Place
v.04 c.01 February 17, 2005 Sura's Place
v.03 c.09 February 16, 2005 Sura's Place

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