V.1 - Calling• CallingWhen Keigo sees Shiki at a club, he overcomes his shyness and determines to pursue Shiki. After Shiki gets plastered, Keigo seizes the opportunity to take the drunk back to his place, but no amount of alcohol can convince Shiki to turn gay. Is Keigo doomed to be nothing more to Shiki than his stalker or will Shiki's feelings change?• Night CallAfter spending some time as a homeless drifter and casual rent boy, Asaoka Shino decided to join the police force's Zero Unit, an anti-terrorism division, to aid the fight against the rapidly growing terrorist problem. He has a real chance to join the unit as an undercover officer, but first he has to pass a highly-secretive test to see if he could be used in 'honeytrap' operations, which is to have sexual intercourse with an examiner. But the assigned examiner is male. Can Asaoka go through with it? *Calling dj - Pipe Dreams*Calling dj - Realize• Ougon no Ame (Golden Rain)Kaoru has just opened his own video rental store, and is lucky enough to have a friendly neighbour in the shape of Inoue-san, who runs a Takoyaki shop next to Kaoru's store. But who is the mysterious boy watching them from behind a closed window? Can the rumours surrounding the boy really be true?V.2 - Nowhere• Stray Sheep• Blue Me*Calling dj - Call My Name• Everything• Nowhere• Pandora• Kimi no Na wa (Your Name is...)• SoarV.3 - Eden• Replay*Booklet: Dreams Memorial • Sly• Rain• Sorrow• Lost• Eden• Closer* [Calling dj - Yes Man]**Doujinshi published by Curve(accurate as of December 2011)

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