Itou Junji Kyoufu Manga Collection


The first two volumes contain thematically linked but self-contained stories concerning Tomie - a beautiful young woman with the power to seduce and dominate any male, from small boys to elderly men. Later, the series leaves these characters behind and focuses on stand-alone gothic horror pieces.1. TomieTomiePhotographKissMansionRevengeThe Basin of the Waterfall2. Tomie - Part 2Tomie Part 2BasementPainterMurderHairOrphan Girl3. Flesh Colored HorrorLong Hair in the AtticPermission/ForgivenessThe Bee HiveDying YoungHeadless StatuesFlesh Coloured Horror4. The Face Burglar Included one-shots:The Face BurglarScarecrowsFallingRed StringMy Dear AncestorsThe Hanging Balloons5. Souichi's Diary of DelightsIncluded one-shots:Fun Summer Vacation Fun Winter VacationSouichi's Diary of DelightsSouichi's Home TutorMannequin TeacherSouichi's Birthday6. Souichi's Diary of Curses Included one-shots:Souichi's Selfish CurseThe Silent RoomThe CoffinRumoursFashion Model7. Slug GirlIncluded one-shots:Slug Girl Out of Its Element (Thing that Drifted Ashore) MoldThe Chill RyokanThe Groaning Drain Biohouse 8. Blood-bubble BushesIncluded one-shots:Blood-bubble BushesUnbearable LabyrinthSword of the Re-animatorThe WillThe Bridge The Devil's LogicThe Conversation Room9. HallucinationsIncluded one-shots:HallucinationsBog of the Living DeadPenpalsIntruderFurther Tales of OshikiriFurther Tales of Oshikiri: The Walls10. House of the MarionettesIncluded one-shots:Ice Cream Bus Gang HouseThe Smoking ClubSecond-hand RecordThe Sleeping Room (Den of the Sleep Demon)The Gift BearerHouse of the Marionettes11. The Town Without StreetsIncluded one-shots:The Town Without StreetsNear Miss!MaptownVillage of the Sirens The Supernatural Transfer Student12. The BullyIncluded one-shots:The BullyHouse of the DeserterFather's HeartMemoryThe Back AlleyLove by the BookIn the Soil13. The Circus is HereIncluded one-shots:The Circus is HereGravetown The Adjacent WindowThe Bizarre Hikizuri Siblings - Second Daughter's LoverThe Bizarre Hikizuri Siblings- Seance14. The Story of the Mysterious TunnelIncluded one-shots:Long DreamThe Story of the Mysterious TunnelThe Bronze StatueDrifting SporesBlood Sickness of the White Sands Village15. Lovesick DeadIncluded one-shots:The Beautiful Youth of the IntersectionsThe Anxious WomanShadowsScreams in the NightSequel: The White-Clothed Beautiful Youth16. FrankensteinIncluded one-shots:FrankensteinA Doll's Hellish BurialMemories of Real Shit

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