Kodoku Experiment


Deronga Five Alpha is a dying unstable planet which according to studies, used to be a very lush planet with all kinds of different species. The current state of the planet is a horrifying place where vicious carnivorous creatures fight in the “survival of the fittest.”Captain Bagures, the leader of the research spacecraft, is a cold and cruel woman who, despite the warnings, unnecessarily sends a military team down to the planet for research. The end result was a catastrophe with the team being slaughtered by the creatures on the planet. The leader of the team, Cannon, vows vengeance on Bagures before seemingly dying.Jump to 20 years later, a spaceship comes near Deronga Five Alpha to see the end of the planet. As the planet explodes, a foreign object attaches itself onto the spaceship. As nothing can survive a planetary explosion, the crew investigates the object only to find out it is one of the creatures from the planet Deronga. As the story progresses, the creature goes into a rage after seeing Bagures, now an extremely important person in the military, on the monitor screen. Could this creature be Cannon and how do you stop something that can withstand a planetary explosion?

Latest Releases

v.03 c.17 May 5, 2012 Death Toll
v.03 c.16 May 5, 2012 Death Toll
v.03 c.15 May 5, 2012 Death Toll
v.03 c.14 May 5, 2012 Death Toll
v.03 c.13 May 5, 2012 Death Toll
v.03 c.12 May 5, 2012 Death Toll
v.02 c.11 March 27, 2012 Death Toll
v.02 c.10 February 24, 2012 Death Toll
v.02 c.09 January 24, 2012 Death Toll
v.02 c.08 December 25, 2011 Death Toll

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