From XscansX: What is the purpose of your life? To live is just to die?Is life a slow death? Do you even have your own purpose? Nao is a sensitive yet self absorbed college student, believing that reality is cruel to him. Ever since he was a child, he was categorized as a "ghost boy" whose existence was so faint that no one cared about him. One day Nao snapped and assaulted a young boy playing in a family restaurant with Tabasco sauce. While being interrogated by the police, a mysterious beauty appeared and rescued him. Her reason was simple: "Do you want to dominate the world with me?"

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v.03 c.17 June 11, 2017 Death Toll
v.03 c.16 March 18, 2017 Death Toll
v.03 c.15 January 24, 2017 Death Toll
c.14 May 15, 2016 Death Toll
c.13 April 20, 2016 Death Toll
c.12 April 7, 2016 Death Toll
v.02 c.11 April 27, 2015 Death Toll
v.02 c.10 February 13, 2013 Death Toll
v.02 c.09 May 5, 2012 Death Toll
v.02 c.08 April 9, 2012 Death Toll

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