Kirakira Kaoru


Because she killed herself, Sagiri became one who escorts souls of those who have died, instead of going to heaven. She met Hisagi while he was crossing the river of the world of the dead... They promised they would meet again and live happily in their next lives... Can their promise be fulfilled?

Latest Releases

v.03 c.04l July 22, 2013 Balamiere
v.03 c.04k October 2, 2012 Balamiere, Misty Rain Scans
v.03 c.04j August 17, 2012 Balamiere, Tinte
v.03 c.04i July 22, 2012 Balamiere, Tinte
v.03 c.04h July 15, 2012 Balamiere, Tinte
v.03 c.04g July 13, 2012 Balamiere
v.03 c.04f July 11, 2012 Balamiere, Tinte
v.02 Extra July 10, 2012 Balamiere, Tinte
v.02 c.04e August 10, 2011 Ryuu, Tinte
v.02 c.04d November 7, 2010 Ryuu, Tinte

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