Missing Piece


Sawatari Ai is an insatiably curious high school student. One day, she notices that a boy named Akizuki Tooru has joined her class, but according to her friends, he's always been around! He was a childhood friend of hers, so why doesn't Ai remember him? But the weird thing is...Ai's memory lapse isn't the only weird thing. She's about to be faced with hyper psychic action!Note: Volume 2 only has one chapter that deals with the main story; the rest of the volume consists of unrelated oneshots.Dusk Is Twittering (Tasogare wa Sasayaku) - Is a school story about a boy--who draws--that transfers to a new school for follow a girl he has a crush on. Unfortunately for him, she already has a boyfriend.The Sound of Melting (Tokeru Koe) - Is school life story about a girl that dislikes her own voice due to being compared to her mother, who is a singer. Despite this, she loves to sing. So, there is a boy the sends her slips of a love letter after her voice lessons based on her voice.Midsummer's Criminal (Natsu no Ran) - About an adult that tutors a 6th grader, who looks like an adult.

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v.02 c.05 March 20, 2005 Omanga, ShoujoMagic
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v.02 c.03 March 20, 2005 Omanga, ShoujoMagic
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v.02 c.01 March 20, 2005 Omanga, ShoujoMagic
v.01 c.04 October 5, 2003 Certhy, Omanga
v.01 c.03 July 19, 2003 Certhy, Omanga
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v.01 Prologue June 29, 2002 Certhy

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