Inazuma Eleven


Raimon Middle School 's soccer club captain, Endou Mamoru is in a pinch - his club is about to be destroyed! Literally! To avert the wrecking ball and disbanding of the club, his team must win against the toughest soccer team in the area - Teikoku. Will Endou and his team meet a crushing defeat or will a mysterious transfer student with a fiery kick save them from disaster?!Won the 34th Annual Kodansha Manga Award for Best Children's Manga.

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v.01 c.04 March 1, 2015 Golden Roze, LevelUpSubs
v.01 c.03 May 29, 2010 Flying Cow
v.01 c.02 April 28, 2010 Flying Cow
v.01 c.01 March 28, 2010 Flying Cow

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