This 4-koma style manga features three school girls as they hang out and chat. Friendly, clueless Yukari, enthusiastic, childish Yuzuko, and the more level-headed Yui hang out and talk about various subjects, like ketchup and mayonnaise, hands, the sun and more.

Latest Releases

v.03 c.36 May 8, 2018 Kirara Scantasia
v.03 c.35 April 30, 2018 Kirara Scantasia
v.03 c.34 April 24, 2018 Kirara Scantasia
c.33 June 21, 2017 JSB HonYaku
v.06 c.08 May 16, 2017 Deadlocke
v.03 c.32 April 12, 2017 Kicchiri Scans
v.03 c.31 January 31, 2017 Kicchiri Scans
v.03 c.30 January 31, 2017 Kicchiri Scans
c.29 May 12, 2016 JSB HonYaku
c.28 April 8, 2016 JSB HonYaku

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