From Yen Press:Da-Eh, an aspiring manhwa artist who lives with her father and little brother, comes across Sun-Nam, a softie whose ultimate goal is simply to become a “tough guy.” Whenever these two meet, trouble follows. Meanwhile, Ta-Jun, the hottest guy in town, finds himself drawn to the one girl that his killer smile doesn’t work on — Da-Eh. With their complicated family history weighing heavily on their shoulders, watch how these three teenagers find their way out into the world!

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v.05 c.05 July 1, 2013 Evil Flowers
v.05 c.04 June 20, 2011 Evil Flowers
v.05 c.03 May 20, 2010 Evil Flowers
v.05 c.02 May 20, 2010 Evil Flowers
v.05 c.01 May 20, 2010 Evil Flowers
v.04 c.06 May 2, 2010 Evil Flowers
v.04 c.05 January 16, 2010 Evil Flowers
v.04 c.04 December 2, 2009 Evil Flowers
v.04 c.03 November 19, 2009 Evil Flowers
v.04 c.02 October 7, 2009 Evil Flowers

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