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Cane Lele was born into the fashion industry. Her mother, Ye Fei Yi, was Taiwan's top model, and her father was also a model, until a tragic airplane crash left Lele without parents. Therefore, it is no surprise that Lele hates the industry, thinking it superficial and unnecessary.Raised by her maternal grandmother, Lele reaches seventeen before she is sucked in by her mother's sister, Ye Fei Hong, a fashion model agent (and former model), convinces the reluctant Lele to model. Lele had been adverse to the whole idea, until she sees a photo shoot of popular American model Angus Lanson, and she begins to see modeling as an art form.When Aunt Fei Hong's magazine editor invites Angus Lanson to a meeting of all the top fashion ambassadors, Lele is invited to meet him and is very curious. She does not know that Angus' twin elder brother, Eros Lanson, is secretly accompanying his brother. This obviously leads to confusion and is the start of a charming story of Lele's goals: fashion in NYC, becoming a top model, and love?

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v.18 c.110 November 23, 2014 Midnight Dawn Scans, Twisted Mist
c.107 December 24, 2013 Midnight Dawn Scans
c.106 December 2, 2013 Midnight Dawn Scans
v.13 c.91 September 11, 2012 KatScans
v.13 c.90 July 17, 2012 KatScans
v.13 c.89 May 31, 2012 KatScans
v.13 c.88 April 16, 2012 Rayns&Lele Scans
v.13 c.87 April 8, 2012 Rayns&Lele Scans
v.13 c.87a March 28, 2012 KatScans
v.12 c.86 February 24, 2012 KatScans

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