Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu


A mythical story with swords and magic centering around one lethargic Roland Empire student named Ryner Lute. After getting dragged into a war and losing many of his friends, Ryner is asked by the soon-to-be enthroned king, Zion Astal, to help rebuild Roland postwar by searching for legendary relics. Accompanying him is a beautiful, capable, yet arrogant swordswoman named Ferris Eris, who’s always quick to insult and abuse Ryner. Meanwhile, a new turmoil begins to approach Roland.

Latest Releases

v.04 c.18 March 23, 2016 Village Idiot
v.04 c.17 (v2) January 8, 2016 Village Idiot
v.04 c.17 January 2, 2016 Village Idiot
v.04 c.16 September 6, 2015 Village Idiot
v.04 c.15 August 19, 2015 Village Idiot
v.04 c.14 August 19, 2015 Village Idiot
v.03 c.13 May 28, 2015 Sense-Scans, Village Idiot
v.06 c.02 May 26, 2014 Baka-Tsuki
v.05 Afterword May 18, 2014 Baka-Tsuki
v.03 c.12 January 29, 2014 Sense-Scans, Village Idiot

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