Cavalier of the Abyss


Sequel to Immortal Regis. Reading the entirety of the prequel is highly recommended, otherwise, this story from chapter 4 on will spoil it and/or be confusing.Cavalier of the Abyss (so far) is set only in the world of Chaos. There is now a Regis of Chaos.

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c.136 August 7, 2018 BAP Scans
v.19 c.110 July 4, 2017 MangaIchi Scanlation Division, Village Idiot
v.19 c.109 August 20, 2016 Village Idiot
v.19 c.108 May 27, 2016 Village Idiot
c.135 February 11, 2016 Game of Scanlation
v.18 c.107 December 2, 2015 Village Idiot
v.18 c.106 November 9, 2015 Village Idiot
c.134 October 31, 2015 Game of Scanlation
v.18 c.105 October 27, 2015 Village Idiot
c.133 October 7, 2015 Game of Scanlation

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