Being the daughter of a dojo manager, Oosawa Masaki has been practicing nothing but karate. Her chance encounter with a certain young man sparks her interest in figure skating. Can a mannish Masaki transform into a sweet, lovely girl on the skating ring?

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v.03 c.11 September 1, 2011 StubbornOne
v.03 c.10 August 14, 2009 Laughing Scans
v.03 c.09 July 25, 2009 Laughing Scans
v.03 c.08 June 15, 2009 Franky House
v.02 c.07 June 8, 2009 Kibate
v.02 c.06 June 8, 2009 Kibate
v.02 c.05 April 16, 2009 Franky House
v.01 c.04 March 2, 2009 Franky House
v.01 c.03 February 16, 2009 Death Toll
v.01 c.02 December 13, 2008

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