Iris Zero


In a world where every boy and girl has a special power called Iris, Toru who, as a result of not having any kind of special power, was bullied from a young age, lives by his motto "minimal exposure" to live without standing out. But his peaceful school life changes when he receives a certain confession from the school's most popular girl, Koyuki. His motto begins to shake.

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c.41 July 16, 2017 Biamam Scans
c.40 July 13, 2017 Biamam Scans
c.39 April 10, 2017 Underdog Scans
c.38.5 February 18, 2017 Underdog Scans
c.38 December 24, 2016 Underdog Scans
c.37 November 29, 2016 Underdog Scans
c.34 (v2) November 11, 2016 Underdog Scans
c.36 November 11, 2016 Underdog Scans
c.24 (v2) November 11, 2016 Underdog Scans
c.35 August 28, 2016 Underdog Scans

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