High school senior Gwon Kang-Han lives a fairly ordinary life with two troublesome parents. He thinks he's been playing too many RPGs when he has a strange dream in a fantastical setting, but that isn't the end of the odd experiences he will encounter, as he discovers the next day at school: in fact, his adventures seem to be just beginning.

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v.01 c.05 January 26, 2007 Sura's Place
v.01 c.04 January 24, 2007 Sura's Place
v.01 c.03 December 15, 2006 Sura's Place
v.01 c.02 August 26, 2006 Sura's Place
v.01 c.01 August 12, 2006 Sura's Place
v.01 c.01 October 12, 2004 Syndicate

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