Shuto Heru


This manga is set in the Western Xia state at the beginning of the 13th century, when there were violent, ongoing incursions by the Mongol army. Guided by Suzuki, a student who has transferred from another school, a present-day boy called Sudo, a high school student who has been plagued by a vivid dream of a battlefield, is reborn as Shutohel, a female warrior for the Western Xia army, who has lived for vengeance on the Mongols, and travels to the battlefield. At the same time, the Mongol prince Yurul defies his own army, which is trying to destroy the Western Xia script, and makes plans to protect a collection of Western Xia writings. This is an epic, long-form action manga featuring elaborate, dynamic depictions of combat and the enigma of an ancient script.

Latest Releases

v.14 c.90 July 15, 2017 HappyScans!
v.14 c.89 July 7, 2017 HappyScans!
v.14 c.88 June 30, 2017 HappyScans!
v.14 c.87 June 21, 2017 HappyScans!
v.14 c.86 June 11, 2017 HappyScans!
c.86 June 11, 2017 HappyScans!
v.14 c.85 June 6, 2017 HappyScans!
v.13 c.84 January 1, 2017 HappyScans!
v.13 c.83 December 25, 2016 HappyScans!
v.13 c.82 December 13, 2016 HappyScans!

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