Kurogane Pukapuka Tai


The story follows the adventures of a Japanese battleship, the crew of which consists solely of girls for some reason (Current submarines are actually all male crews because of privacy concerns...). This is pure fanservice and the historical details could perhaps be questioned, but as long as you like ships, tough girls and comedy, you're still gonna enjoy it.

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c.44 August 12, 2017 /ak/ Scans
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c.42 February 13, 2017 /ak/ Scans
c.41 September 15, 2016 /ak/ Scans
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c.39 January 19, 2016 /ak/ Scans
c.38 October 29, 2015 /ak/ Scans
c.37 September 23, 2015 /ak/ Scans
v.04 c.36 May 4, 2015 /ak/ Scans
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