Otogi Matsuri


Life was peaceful and quiet in the small port village of Miyakono, located in Japan's Kyoto prefecture. Quiet, that is, until the townsfolk were shocked by a rash of bizarre murders. Rumors abounded about the nature of the killer, but one thing was clear: the bodies were mangled by what appeared to be a set of very large teeth.When a trio of students investigate the temple where the most recent victims were slain, a young man named Yousuke stumbles into and breaks a small shrine, from which emerges a phoenix-like creature made of light that flies towards him and disappears. When he realizes that none of his friends saw the light, Yousuke tries to put it out of his mind... until he is later attacked by the demonic beast that is responsible for the recent deaths. It is then that the phoenix spirit re-appears, offering Yousuke the power to defeat the inhuman beast that is stalking him.A power, however, that will come at a great cost.

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v.12 c.73 January 13, 2015 Death Toll
c.72 January 11, 2015 Death Toll
v.12 c.71 January 10, 2015 Death Toll
v.12 c.69 August 15, 2014 Death Toll
v.12 c.70 August 14, 2014 Death Toll
v.12 c.68 August 2, 2014 Death Toll
v.11 c.67 August 1, 2014 Death Toll
v.11 c.66 August 17, 2013 Death Toll
v.11 c.65 August 6, 2013 Death Toll
v.11 c.64 January 27, 2013 Death Toll

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