Strange Pension


By AquamarineP:The main girl and her step-brother have always been together since their parents' unfortunate deaths. When her brother became a policeman in another jurisdiction, they had to move. They found a big house for their money, but it has such a gloomy and haunted air!They found a body of a dead young boy, the son of a family with a hotel chain company. His ghost gives the girl the ability to communicate with ghosts. Now the girl's life is turned upside down and filled with complications. Not that she is in love with her step-brother... Not because of the dead boy's younger brother... Not that her ability to see ghosts gets her into serious trouble.... "Somebody help me!"

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v.01 c.06 October 22, 2013 Friendship Scans
v.01 c.05 September 3, 2013 Friendship Scans
v.01 c.04 June 17, 2013 Friendship Scans
v.01 c.03 December 25, 2012 Friendship Scans
v.01 c.02 October 3, 2012 Friendship Scans
v.01 c.01 July 6, 2012 Misty Rain Scans

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