Kaiten (Kaiten Sommelier)

Associated Series


Volume 1 & 4 are a Sailor Moon doujinshi.Volume 2 is a Saber Marionette J douijinshi.Volume 3 is a Sailor Moon & Final Fantasy VII doujinshi.Volume 5 is a Vampire Savior & Darkstalkers doujinshi.Volume 6 is a Battle Athletes Victory & Sailor Moon doujinshi.Volume 7 is a Street Fighter doujinshi.Volume 8 is a Final Fantasy VII doujinshi.Volume 9 is a King of Fighters doujinshi.Volume 11 is a Garou Mark Of The Wolves doujinshi.Volume 12 & 13 are Variable Geo doujinshi.Volume 14 is an Azumanga Daioh doujinshi that deals with Yomi's repressed sexual urges and her subsequent fantasies.Volumes 15-17 & 19-20 take place in the "Private Risshin Seminary" a school that acts as the proving ground for the governments latest program to battle population decline. Boys are given aphrodisiacs and the girls are made to regularly service them.Volume 18 is a Daphne in The Brilliant Blue doujinshi.Volume 21 is a Zero no Tsukaima doujinshi.Volume 22 is a Houkago Play doujinshi.Volume 23 is about a girl who serves men in a public toilet called Bitch HoleVolume 24 is a Street Fighter doujinshi.Volume 25 ReHOLEVolume 26 is an "original" doujinshiVolume 27 Back ShotVolume 28 is an "original" doujinshiVolume 29 Kaiten Sakusei Yuugi Milking Game JKVolume 30 Volume 31 Kaiten Shouko-san no Onaho Sengen!Volume 32 Kaiten Oriana

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v.22 July 25, 2010 Mitsuru Translation
v.23 June 14, 2010 Little White Butterflies
v.18 January 18, 2010 Anonymous Scanner
v.21 June 21, 2009 Desudesu
v.20 May 19, 2009 SaHa
v.19 May 8, 2009 SaHa
v.17 April 15, 2009 SaHa
v.16 April 5, 2009 SaHa
v.15 March 23, 2009 SaHa
v.17 November 9, 2008 Hentai Traders

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