December 1, 2043 AD. The mysterious lifeform BABY invades Earth and takes control of a number of human hosts, parasitising them. The possessed bodies metamorphise into monsters called ‘Organos,’ which slaughter a great mass of humanity in a series of bloody massacres, bringing mankind to the brink of extinction. Thereafter, December 1 comes to be known as ‘Extinction Day’. While battling an Organo, Elettra, the protagonist of the story, finds that her left hand has been infected by BABY. However, aside from a throbbing pain in her hand, nothing about the rest of her body changes. Elettra begins to search for other survivors, hoping to solve the mystery of BABY.

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v.05 c.25 January 11, 2017 Yorozuya Hayate
v.05 c.24 January 9, 2017 Yorozuya Hayate
v.05 c.23 December 28, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate
v.05 c.22 November 11, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate
c.22 November 10, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate
v.04 c.21 September 22, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate
v.04 c.20 September 15, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate
v.04 c.19 September 8, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate
c.18 September 1, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate
c.17 August 5, 2016 Yorozuya Hayate

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